First Scrap – Wedding Dresses


Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog which is specifically for digital scrapbooking. I say digital, because I have been told that if I start one more hobby that brings endless amounts of THINGS into my house (in addition to sewing and knitting) that my husband will lose his mind. Luckily, digital scrapbooking is contained entirely within my hard drive, therefore, I can do the artsy fun stuff without the crazy husband.

If you are interested in more information on digital scrapbooking here’s a good site to get started.

I’ve been watching digital scrapbookers, reading blogs, looking through galleries, and drooling over the pretties for about a year now. However, I hadn’t really been able to muster up the courage to create my own pages. So I sat, and collected free kits as I found them, and waited.

This weekend, I decided that enough was enough. My photo collection was growing way too fast and I needed to do something to organize them, or they would take over my hard drive.

So I sat down, watched a couple of tutorials, and went ahead. Can I say… I’m hooked!

I’d just like to say here, thanks to the Shabby Shoppe and it’s wonderful forum filled with amazing scrappers. They were serious inspiration and motivation for making this page, and I look forward to joining them in future challenges!

Now, onto the page.

“For my wedding in May 2010 I had not one, not two, but three dresses, from three generations.

In April of 2010, I tried on the dresses I would wear for my wedding one last time. We were one month away and we had to make sure they would fit. Grandma was in the hospital, and would not make it to the wedding, neither would her dress, but I did get some pictures in it. I wore the “Bride Barbie” dress that my Mom was married in for the ceremony, and changed into a dress bought specifically for me to the reception.”

This is 100% Shabby Shoppe free sets.

Harvest Spice – Layered flower, white button, journaling strips
Festival – Paper, scallop frame
Plentiful – Flower cluster, blue and brown buttons, photo frame
Moody Blues – Ribbons
Sweet Serenity – Bouquet, butterfly stamp

I decided that I would do a simple page about the dresses I wore to my wedding. This page took me about 2.5 hours to do, because I kept messing up putting the frames on, and I forgot to save after I had just figured out something, meaning that I lost a half hour of work.

I also took forever trying to see what I wanted to use on the page. I didn’t want to go overboard with embellishments, but I also didn’t want to have a plain, boring page. It was difficult at first to figure out paper and such to use that would tie in 3 generations of dresses. I wanted something that seemed like it has been added to over the years, so it seemed older, antique, but that there were new elements put in more recently.

I think I managed, and I’m very proud of this page. I look forward to digging in to my next page.

Now to go through the pictures and see what grabs my attention.


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