Project Scrap August 2011


So, continuing with templates and challenges (I know, I’m boring, I promise to have a legit original layout for the next one) I have created a duo page for Shabby Shoppe’s Project Scrap 2011.

I’ve decided that my next 2 layouts need to use other product than Shabby Shoppe (as much as I adore their stuff, I need to get acquainted with some of the other stuff I have). I also need to figure out what pictures I’m going to use for that. So many pictures… so many layout possibilities… so little time.

Especially with me starting a new job starting Monday.

Anyway, on to the layouts.

(Left Page)

“In August 2010 I won a stay at a hotel and a trip to the Toronto Zoo from our local radio station. The hotel wasn’t that great, our room was right beside the pool and the pool had a water slide which opened at 6 am. So we didn’t get a lot of sleep.

On the Saturday, we headed down to the zoo. I’m not one who gets overly
excited for zoos because I don’t like the fact that the animals are in these tiny cages and pens. Toronto is one of the better zoos, with large areas that are similar to the environment the animals are from.

I used this opportunity to practice my photography, and I learned how to take some better pictures in low light situations. They aren’t perfect, but they’re pretty good for a pocket cam. All told, we had a really good weekend playing around Toronto and checking out the zoo.”

(Right Page)
“We went to the animal fair, the birds and the beasts were there, the big baboon by the light of the moon was combing its auburn hair. You should have seen the monk, he sat on the elephant’s trunk, the elephant sneezed and fell to his knees and that was the end of the monk, the monk, the monk.”

Both pages used all Shabby Shoppe free kits:

Striped background paper – Sweet Serenity
Yellow(green?) background paper – Splendid
Ric Rac – ribbon from Holiday Sampler Halloween
Heart – Seasonal Sampler Amore
Small Flowers – Vintage Florals
Big Flowers – Dinner Party
Butterfly, Blue Button, Red Flower, Orange striped paper – Promise Collection
Dotted Paper, Orange Ribbon – Sweet Sprinkles
Green leafy paper, Dark Green Journal paper, Leaves/Branch – Spontaneous Delight
Green Bow – Holiday Magic
Green Tab – Two Soon
Fern – Plentiful
String Flowers, Hangers – Happy Go Lucky
Brad – Holiday Sampler Fall
Alpha – Festival
Font – Segoe Print

These were the hardest pages for me so far. I think they went through about 3 different iterations. At first I was going to have each page be different but similar, and that just looked way too busy.

Then I decided to have more animal pictures on the second page, to make it look like you were seeing them through windows. Again, way too busy.

I then decided to not make this so difficult and just pick some nice pictures, and a few papers and make the pages look very close, with the same backgrounds and some of the same elements.

Third time’s the charm I guess.

I’ve found a couple of Typo’s that I need to fix in the pages, this is why I save layered PSD files. I’m horrible sometimes when I’m typing fast.

I’ve found a couple of new forums that I’m putzing around on, and they’ve got cool challenges there. However, most have rules where you need a certain amount of product from their company, which is fine, it’s just I don’t currently have a credit card (well I have one, but it was cut up with the account still active so I don’t have the back 3 numbers that I need to order anything online drr). So that makes buying kits difficult.

I’m hoping I can figure something out in the near future.

Anywho, time to go look and see if I can find which pictures I want to use next for a layout.

Wish me luck!


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