Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog which is specifically for digital scrapbooking. I say digital, because I have been told that if I start one more hobby that brings endless amounts of THINGS into my house (in addition to sewing and knitting) that my husband will lose his mind. Luckily, digital scrapbooking is contained entirely within my hard drive, therefore, I can do the artsy fun stuff without the crazy husband.

If you are interested in more information on digital scrapbooking here’s a good site to get started.

I’ve been watching digital scrapbookers, reading blogs, looking through galleries, and drooling over the pretties for about a year now. However, I hadn’t really been able to muster up the courage to create my own pages. So I sat, and collected free kits as I found them, and waited.

In August 2011, I decided that enough was enough. My photo collection was growing way too fast and I needed to do something to organize them, or they would take over my hard drive.


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